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We are two enthusiastic engineers with combined 10+ years of 3D printing and engineering experience. We are passionate about helping support other engineers and hobbyists in their creative endeavors.

We are in the process of developing custom prototyping services and small run production services. We are also developing fun and educational products to help others develop the same passion for creating that we have.

Please, feel free to contact us for any of your prototyping needs.  We specialize in many custom prototyping processes and will likely be able to support your project.  If not, we will do our best to direct you to a supplier that can meet your requirements.

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JP Thomas

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Mechanical Engineer - University of Utah

Nick Arbanas

EE photo

Electrical Engineer - University of Utah




Shiela picture

5 Axis CNC

∙ Favorite Color: Purple

∙ Primary Languages: Binary and G-Code

∙ Hobbies: Wood working, Bird Watching

∙ Number of Hot Dog eating contests won: 0